What Happened In Vegas A Chance Eyewitness Encounter As Springboard For A Condemnation

An avowed supporter of law-enforcement entities has an eye opening experience in what happened in vegas ramsey denison portrait of scandalous las vegas policing. Built around controversial police killings from early in this decade it mourns for victims less famous than eric garner and michael brown connecting their stories in an indictment of retired clark country sheriff doug gillespie and the man who replaced him. effective despite some storytelling flaws the documentary is nonetheless unlikely to draw too much attention on the national stage with fresher outrages never hard to come by.

Denison is a TV editor who says he spends much of his life crafting tidy true crime movie about good cops who catch bad criminals. He has always shared that vision of policing he says and counts cops as friends. The same is true for his pal rhett nielson who spent seven years as a videographer for a SWAT team in las vegas. The two men were at the end of a long night on the town when they happened across a shocking scene four policemen were abusing and insulating a man who seemed to pose no threat to them denison called 911 to report their behavior next thing you know he recalls I am getting beaten arrested and thrown in jail.

Without providing many details of the incident beyond that sentence he will do so later but leave many viewers with unanswered questions dension pivots to other accounts of vegas cops gone rogue. In the case of treven cole who was shot in the head while flushing pot down the toilet denison paints an infuriating picture of publicity hungry overkill and shameless attempts to excuse the killing by destroying the victims reputation. Character assasination is an even bigger focus in denison next story in which west point graduate erik scott was gunned down in a costco parking lot. Scott has spooked a store employee while carrying a concealed handgun he has a permit to do so and was shot in front of may witnesses who disputed police accounts of the event. In the aftermath according to scotts father clearly a law and order type who is ill accustomed to siding against the powers that be cops tried to paint scott as deranged citing his use of presicription painkillers.

What Happened In Vegas A Chance Eyewitness Encounter As Springboard For A Condemnation, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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