Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in January a look at the titles that will disappear

Netflix has announced the list of movies and TV shows that will be departing the streaming service in January. Mean Girls, Chicago, Miss Congeniality, White Chicks and The Mighty Ducks will all be leaving Netflix in the upcoming month. Seasons one through six of Lost will be taken off of the service, as well as seasons 14 through 17 of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the first two seasons of Sirens. As a number of titles leave Netflix, a variety of new TV shows and movies will be added throughout the month. Netflix’s January additions were just announced.

Back in 2004, Lindsay Lohan was a tween icon and Tina Fey was that lady from “Weekend Update.” Fey’s feature-writing debut set the tone for smart teen comedy to come, giving us a Burn Book’s worth of uproarious quotes and alerting the world to Rachel McAdams’ talent in the process. Watch this instead of trying to lose three pounds.

No other modern movie so effortlessly created its own language and mythology of cool, where mere objects evoke oceans of meaning. Many have tried, but only Quentin Tarantino could cut and paste his passions into a collage. Both wickedly funny and surprisingly thoughtful, it’s even better than you remember it being in the 1990s. Travolta still sizzles. The dialogue still pops. The soundtrack still sings. Forget the loftier films he’d make later in his career — this is his masterpiece.

which was adapted from a 1978 novel by Hubert Selby Jr., isn’t exactly a movie you watch to relax. Using all the cinematic tricks at his disposal, the filmmaker turns the daily grind of addiction into a kinetic, horrifying experience, chopping the story’s multiple narratives into hyper-stylized montages that leave your brain reeling. Luckily, the performances — including a devastating turn from Ellen Burstyn as a TV-worshiping pill addict — give the movie a complex human dimension that elevates it above a mere exercise in virtuosity.

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