Maryline Cesar Award Winner Guillaume Gallienne Retruns With His Second Feature Starring comedie

For his 2013 featrure debut me myself and mum actor guillaume gallienne crafted a clever autobiographical comedy where he starred as both himself and his domineering french mother. Best described as a coming in movie where in a major third act twist the director revealed that he was actually hetero despite the assumptions of everyone around him mum made a sizeable splash at the cannes directors fortnight and went on to win three cesar awards including best movie.

In his follow up effort maryline gallience once again focuses on a sole performer in this case fellow comedie francaise thespian adeline D’hermy who became a societaire of the historic french threater back in 2010 and has performed in productions of works by moliere marivaux shakespeare and marguerite duras. Without much of a trasditional plot maryline is basically a vehicale to showcase 30 year old D’hermys talents on stage and on screen where until now she has played small roles in movie like yves saint laurent and camille rewinds. This will no doubt change after people see her in galliennes generous if somewhat vacuous protrait of an actress in the making which follows the titular lead character from one catastrophe to another until she eventually come into her own.

Set in an unspecified time period that looks vaguely like the late 70s or early 80s the episodic narrative picks up marline d hermy as she arrives for her first big movie shoot which is some sort of costume drama directed by a tyrannical german auteur lars eidinger. Cripplingly shy yet alluring in mysterious ways marline has something as they say about budding stars though its hard at first glance to see what. when she gets her period on set in a contrived plot device that yields zero laughts and embarrasses herself in front of the camera by failing to speak up maryline winds up loosing her cool than punching out the director and called it quits.

For a time she disappears into a working class life as a mailroom girl in a coen esque office building while also becoming something of a major lush. A few scenes set in her humdrum gallic village where her father died and her mother runs a local cafe divulge bits of biographical information but marline pretty much remains a cipher. she unable to communicate with others spends a lot of time wallowing in her apartment and seems borderline on the spectrum. Ye when she given the chance to perform again by a kindhearted movie director xavier beauvois and lead actress vanessa paradis who helps her to overcome stage fright maryline manages to find her true calling which turns out to be in the theater rather than on the screen.

Maryline Cesar Award Winner Guillaume Gallienne Retruns With His Second Feature Starring comedie, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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