Dragonstone Episode 1 Season 7 Game of throne

The world of weseros to the screen certain things had to be distorted. Most of the characters have been aged uphill putting jon snow and robb stark in their primeval 20s and suitably around the subject of the length of the parentage. Daenerys chosen adroitly cant be married off at 13 though it was the pretension business were finished in medieval epoch this isnt medieval period and there are deferential expectations as to how child actors are treated that would make having a minor playing a juvenile highly future. There a marginal note most television teenager are played by teenager looking actors who have reached the age of majority. However in the world of westeros children are the well along. Every hosue needs children to continue. The starks wouldnt assign a ruling the north for thousands of years without sophisticated generations of starks ready abet on in and admit on on summit of and if you eliminate a house most vital asset than you can assure yourself f eliminating the hosue and intensely limiting its bargainig talent for taking into account than alliances.


The umbers and the karstarks might have been loyal bannermen for the starks but these days all that left of those two faithless houses are a couple of kids bendin the knee to jon snow and pledging fealty. The lannisters were the most powerful hosue in westeros deadened tywins referee but now all that left are a one handed traitor a scarred dwarf and a dangeroulsy unstable sociopath whose reputation is marred by incest. Without his many kids. Walder frey would be a youngster lord at best but he managed to be fertile and miltiply his links to most of the major families in westeros comprehensibly by out breeding them each and every one single one. Losing his relatives would he losing his base of knack behind that lord frey isnt much of a military commander.



Cersei is out of options for marriage. Walder frey is out of male kids. A bastard rules on peak of tween lords in the north. And all the even if the last child of annoyed king aerys comes bearing down upon westeros a castrato and a cast off girl leading her navy. Through means fair or foul the neglected kids of westeros are taking run and they all depart the seven kingdoms in ruins the if the night king doesnt heat them all to the punch. The wayward children are struggling to avenge long dead intimates or finish out their associates goals wheather it makes wisdom for them or not .

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