Beyond Skyline A Band Of Humans Fighting Off Alien Invasion In Liam o’ donnells

With strong effects work belying what was surely a tiny budget liam O’donnells beyond skyline finds the first time director relying on his experience in VFX departments of much bigger hollywood productions. While O’donnnell would have been smart to hire a screenwriter instead of doing double duty behind the scene the fanboy crowd wont complain too loudly with one of their favorite characters actors frank grillo kicking extraterrestrial ass in a space opera that could plausibly launch a very niche franchise.

Grillo who had a more three dimensional toplinging role in netflixs recent wheelman plays mark an LAPD cop on leave after his wife death. Mark and son trent jonny weston are trapped on the metro when a giant alien mothership attacks the city hypnotzing angelenos with some kind of blue ray and sucking them up into the sky. There we soon learn their brans are harvested to somehow animate the bodies of individual solidiers in the alien army.

Soon the two men and a few fellow train riders including bojana novakovics audrey the train conductor have escaped the tunnels only to be hauled up into the mothership themselves. Here they learn a bit about the otherwordly beings. Using man in suit tech and practical effects along with CGI the design team offers some pretty geek pleasing vision not only do they find that the human brains inside the beasties can sometimes remember their past selves but they see the aliens effest on pregnant humans mark has to deliver a baby who is somehow growing so quickly she will be a teenager in a matter of days.

Before Mark has to worry about the infant’s sullen, rebellious phase, though, the movie takes quite a left turn: The humans escape the ship and find themselves in Laos, where they team with an impromptu rebel army bunkered beneath centuries-old Angkor-style temples. Their main new ally is Sua (Iko Uwais of The Raid), who introduces some hardcore Southeast Asian martial arts to the mix. Uwais is Indonesian, not Laotian, but some practical inconsistencies will be overlooked by action fans who are excited to see Uwais leap at aliens with knives in both hands.

Beyond Skyline A Band Of Humans Fighting Off Alien Invasion In Liam o' donnells, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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